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  • Hey! I'm an artist from Mexico, and this page was made to dip my toes into irreverent/weird/self-indulgent art through my characters thanks to Scumsuck's Art-Cade.

    I still hold each fictional story close to heart, but no one should take themselves that seriously all the time, so... enjoy and defile! Side note: the gifs here are made by me, so make sure to credit if you're into them.

    (And no brats allowed!)

    Ooh La La!

    Regarding art, things I'm into are:

  • "Defects": Wrinkles, big noses, and anything that makes people unique. If you feel like that's the right way to portray your characters, so be it.
  • Monster dudes: For some reason, I've always been fascinated by sympathetic monsters (and big dudes with small chicks general). I think it started with my fixation on Death Note's shinigamis and ultimately strengthened after I read Frankenstein. My point is, I'll consume any teratophilic content in sight. Bonus points for skellys, creepy clowns and robots.
  • Retro looks and fashion: Particularly 50's and 80's. Pinup girls and synthesizers make me feel like home. Also vikings; they're a whole 'nother level of retro.
  • The sea: It's quite homely and salty, enough said. I specially love those critters from the deep. Of course it includes pirates.
  • Cumbia y canciones viejitas: Damas gratis, Supermerk2, Grupo Soñador, Molotov, Café Tacvba, Soda Stereo, etc. Tengo gusto de señor.
  • Painful subjects: Not just "angst", but anything that makes you uncomfortable and feels right to explore through your art as a way to understand it and heal; from themes like war, to personal trauma.
  • Girls! Buff, girly, and/or not quite sane. I haven't been able to fully express my love for them since I'm naturally withdrawn on social media, but I'll snatch any opportunity I get to make a pinup.
  • Taboo subjects: Anything that's risqué enough to put down on a piece of paper! Includes unhealthy relationships, age gaps, unique practices, or whatever your heart feels like at the moment.

    Não não, amigão.

    I consider myself to be generally lax about drawings, but there are things I won't accept nor do:

  • +18 on kids: I shouldn't need to spell this out.
  • Anything involving deformation: I'm not a fan of severely altering a character's image. This includes vore, inflation, hyper, and the like, but gore's fair game.
  • Making buff people look like bodybuilders! Just no!
  • Pee n poo.
  • Hateful content.
  • Characters

    Each from a different "universe", though they may overlap for the sake of fun. Take a gander! (pics and categories may be updated)